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߸Z C

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

݋b Ϟ[z Czۿ݋ Hġ ߸Z[O C۸[b ~@ O. Un NT, 2000, XP ȝ~ھb ݋z Hġ [݋, Un 9x ME ȝ~ھb Z α׷ڷ Hġ [݋ E Hġ ^@ ] .

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Hġ ߸Z[O C۸[R [O b httpd μz C׳@ Ѵ. C׳@ b Ҏ^@ ΰ. [b Ϟ[z kill w ȝ~[ μz C׳@ b Ҏ^ƴ. Czۿ @ httpd , PidFile pid U θܿ ٸ μz C׳(signal)@ R ȵȴ. , θƿܿ ٸ μz C׳@ m ʿ䰡 ^پb ƴ. θ𿡰 m ] b C׳λ@ , TERM, HUP, USR1ƴ.

ٞ θ𿡰 C׳@ :

kill -TERM `cat /usr/local/apache2/logs/httpd.pid`

httpd μz C׳@ b ٸ Ҏ^@ w ӛ -k ȝ~[b ͓ƴ. E݋ stop, restart, graceful@ httpd H ƱԄhƴ. ׵\ ƱԄh httpd [b, apache2ctl zrxh ȝ~[ Ѵ.

httpd C׳@ , ٞ w Ȳ@ ] :

tail -f /usr/local/apache2/logs/error_log

_ ServerRoot PidFile r ˸° ]r[.



apache2ctl -k stop

TERMƳ stop C׳@ θ𿡰 R C ڃe@ δ. ڃe@ דƾbξb ʰ ɸ ] . ׷ θ vSѴ. Q ]@ ߸ZǽO, ƻ ]@ ʾb.


@ C

C׳: USR1
apache2ctl -k graceful

USR1Ƴ graceful C׳@ θ𿡰 R θ μzb ڃe鿡 ]@ Q vS[O (Ȥ@ ƹ͙n Q[ ʴٔR C vS[O) Ѵ. θb rH@ ٳCнO αHϙn ٳC . ڃe @V θb ׻@ ڃe_ ؛ο r ڃe@ [ C ]@ Q[ Ѵ.

@ C(graceful restart)ڷ USR1@ ȝ~ ] ^b E݋b _ (WINCH @) ٸ C׳@ ȝ~ ] . apache2ctl graceful@ E ˸»@ C׳@ .

@ Cۻ@ H MPM μz C r@ O[, C۵ Ŭƾh ݋z[b μz o尡 ] Ϟ[nU Ǿ. Դٰ StartServersb, StartServersŭ ؛ο ڃe ȸ齁R ڃe StartServers ǙnU ؛ 늴. , α׷@ ݋L θ[ ˸»@ ڃe ] Ϟ[, StartServers Hͷ r _ 븦 ZѴ.

mod_status ȝ~ھb USR1@ @V ݋L 谡 0 ʞ@ @ ͓ƴ. ݋Lb ؛ο ]@ (üb Ƶ@ o ݋ 쿡n ҽL ʾb) Q[ o[b C@ ȭ[O _ Ʃ H͸ Z߸[nU 齁Ę. Ƹ 밣 ڃe@ U[b scoreboard ϞѴ.

status @ @ C C۸[ n ]@ Q[O b ڃe@ G ˷ش.

ξb USR1@ ȝ~[b αbȯ zrxh C ڃe αۼ@ b ] b Ҏ^ ^. 츮b USR1 C׳@ O C α׸ LnU Ѵ. 齁 @ _ ȝ~ κГ ġb 10Г ȰɸٔR, α׸ L 15 ٸ.

rHϿ ٔR C۳C θb C۸[ ʽO vSѴ. , @ C vSV ڃe ǙnU . (ڃe@ _ ]@ Q[O " vSѴ".) ƾb ݋L CV ȴ. ݋Lb _ ٸ h [ oѴ. C -t w ӛ(httpd O)ڷ rH ^@ ȝ ] . ׵\ Ʒ ȝn ݋L ùٷ C [ oѴ. rH ^ Ƈ ǹ̸ ȝ[R root Ƈ ȝ~ڷ httpd Cغ ] . root ”V얿 (”R h ȝ~[b httpd DZV얿) ^ٔR ϰ αH@ PO Cn[b r݋ ͓ƴ. ٸ ϞV얿 ѴٔR Ƹn rHϿ @ ͓ƴ. @ C@ [ OľѴ.


apache2ctl -k restart

HUPƳ restart C׳@ θ𿡰 R TERM ڃe@ ד θb vS[ ʾb. θb rH@ ٳCнO αH@ ٳC . ׸O ؛ο ڃe@ O ݋z Ѵ.

mod_status ȝ~ھb HUP R ݋L 谡 0 @ ] .

rHϿ ٔR C@ ؙn θb C۸[ ʽO vS ͓ƴ. Ƹ ̸[b Ҏ^@ O[.

ΏU: C׳ΰ z ӛ

Apache 1.2b9 b C۰ vS C׳ο z ӛ(race condition) . (z ӛ@ Z [ڔR, ϓ ߽oV Ͻ݋ Ѵ ۸[ ʾb C ΰ} .) "ùٸ" ɓ b ŰĿ݋ 츮b Ʒ ذߴ. ׵\ ŰĿb n z ӛ Z`@ Ǹ[.

ScoreBoardFile@ zr v[b Űľb scoreboard h ɼ . ׵\R (HUP) "bind: Address already in use" Ȥ@ (USR1 ) "long lost child came home!" Te ] . ھb U ƽO, ھb Z ݋L scoreboard slot@ Ұ 늴. E݋ K C@ RƽO @ C@ ȝ~[ õѴ. b ذ[ ſ . ׵\ n κ Űľb scoreboard H@ ȝ~[ ʾb. H@ ȝ~[b ŰĶR ScoreBoardFile ݋ O[.

ŰĿb ӵǾb HTTP (KeepAlive)݋ 偓 ]@ Q[b ڃe ణ z ӛ . ڃe@ ]R@ л@ ] c б vS ] . b ʹ ~ T߸[ 1.2 L ]rǾ. ׵\ h̝ Ƴ ݋L CV얿 KeepAlive Ŭƾhb Ʒ 츦 ؾ߸[ V얿 Ʒл b ȵȴ. ݋L ȝ[ ʿ 20 C۸[b Ŭƾh ׸Ƴ ݋^ ȝh ڷ нƱ [ ʾbٔR ȵȴ.

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