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ServerAdmin ServerTokens Cb ݋L e[b ݋ ݋L r rѴ. ServerTokens Cb ݋L HTTP [ c rѴ.

݋Lb ServerName UseCanonicalName C ȝ~[ ڱ URL@ 늴. 齁, Ŭƾh 丮 ] 丮 ڿ E{ ٓʻ@ Hġb ڿ E{ ü Ɠ@ Ŭƾh ٓƷh[, Ŭƾh ݋ ùٷ ã Ѵ.


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C@ Hġ rڷ ۸[ ʿ \ Hϵ ġ rѴ. θ E{(/) C۸[ ʙڔR, ServerRoot H@ ãb. root Ƈ ȝ~ڿ oѓ b ο H@ ʙnU Uض. ڼ rb ݋ O[.



LimitRequest* Cb Hġ Ŭƾh ]@ @ V ȝ~ ڿ@ Ѵ. Ʒ @@ Ѹ[ ݋zź(denial of service) @ R ] .

RLimit* Cb Hġ ڃe e[b μz ȝ~ ڿ@ Ѵ. Ư CGI zrxh SSI exec w ȝ~ ڿ@ Ѵ.

ThreadStackSize Cb z r⸦ [ Netware݋ ȝ~Ѵ.

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