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Microsoft Windows݋ Hġ ȝ~^

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

݋b Microsoft Windows݋ Hġ 2.0@ ġ, r, [b Ҏ^@ Ѵ. ߽o κГ ų ٸ Ҏ^ڷ n@ ַR, L O ȝ~[ ٶ.

݋b Hġ ٓƳʸ @ ġѴٽO rѴ. (Ƹn T Ȥ@ L׸ ã) Hġ Hϸ[R Microsoft Windows~ Hġ H@ O[.

Microsoft Windows ü L rå ݋b ٞ Ѵ:

Support Apache!



ü 䟒

Hġ 2.0@ [ ⺻ Windows E@ Windows NTƴ. ٓƳʸ ġα׷@ Intel AMD @ x86 P μ݋݋ Ѵ. Hġb Windows 9x݋ О ȝ[ ʾұV얿 ݋z ȝ~[ ʱ ٶ.

ü ġ TCP/IP hrr ؾ Ѵ. Windows 95݋ ѴٔR, Winsock 2 EƵ带 ġؾ Ѵ. Windows 95~ Winsock 2b ݋ ٿ@ ] .

Windows NT 4.0@ ȝ~ѴٔR ݋z 4 TCP/IP Winsock ٞ ݋zѿ݋ ذǾV얿, ݋z 6@ ġ[ Ѵ.


Windows~ Hġ ٿε

Hġ ݋L http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi݋ Hġ _ L r @ ] . ⿡b _ TFǰ H Ȥ@ t zhL, Hġ ݋L ٿε ] b HTTP ̵\ FTP ̵\ U . O Ȟr[ ٿޙڷR M ̵\ ȝ~[ ٶ.

Windows ġ[R Ȯڰ .msi Windows~ Hġ L@ ٿ޾ƾ Ѵ. Hϻ@ ٷ ] b Hġ v Microsoft ġHϓƴ. zȵ常 .zip Hϓ . Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio)@ ȝ~[ Hġ H ]n .


Windows~ Hġ ġ[

ġ[R Microsoft Installer 1.2 ƻ L ʿ[. Windows 9x ȝ~ѴٔR ݋ Microsoft Installer 2.0 Lڷ EƵ ] O, Windows NT 4.0 2000@ ȝ~ѴٔR ݋ 2.0 L EΓh ] . Windows XPb EΓh ʿ䰡 ^.

ٓƳʸ ġHϷξb @ ǻͿ ݋ ٸ Hġ 2.0 L@ ġ ] ^@ Ǹ[. ׵\ 1.3 L 2.0 L@ @ ǻͿ ƹ ^ ġ ] . @ ǻͿ ΰ ٸ 2.0 L@ ġ[R z Hϸ[ Hġ ġؾ Ѵ.

݋ ٿ޻@ Hġ .msi H@ Ѵ. ġV ٞ @ @ :

  1. hrr n (Network Domain). U ݋L DNS n@ Ѵ. 齁, ݋L ü DNS Ɠ server.mydomain.netƶR ⿡ mydomain.net@ Ѵ.

  2. ݋L (Server Name). ݋L ü DNS Ɠ. ⿡ server.mydomain.net@ Ѵ.

  3. ڿ ּ (Administrator's Email Address). ⿡ ݋L ڳ z ڿ ּҸ Ѵ. ⺻ڷ Ŭƾh b 얿 ּҸ UѴ.

  4. ȝ~ (For whom to install Apache) ؛ ġ[b Hġ 80 h݋ ]@ ٸ [R for All Users, on Port 80, as a Service - Recommended ( ȝ~, 80 h, service - õ) Ѵ. Hġ service Ѵ (, Hġb ݋L α ȝ ^n ȴ). ڷ zhغų ƹ 80 h ȝ~[b ٸ ݋L ٔR only for the Current User, on Port 8080, when started Manually ( ȝ~ڸ, 8080 h, C) Ѵ.

  5. ġ v (The installation type). T ʿ zȵ ƺ\ @ ġ[R Typical@ Ѵ. Custom@ ø[R ġ ~@ r ] . ü ġC zr 13 ްٓh rn ʿ[. ]ġb ȝh r⸦ ͓ƴ.

  6. ġ (Where to install). ⺻ ξb C:\Program Files\Apache GroupƽO, ^ Apache2b 丮 늴.

ġ Hġb conf [丮 b Hϵ@ ġ 丮 ° 伺Ѵ. ׵\ 丮 rHϓ ƹ ٔR ״ . _, ش H ؛ο ȝ Ȯ .default δ. 齁, conf\apache2.conf ƹ ٔR conf\apache2.conf.default Ɠ@ Ѵ. ġ .default H r@ 캸O, ʿ[ٔR Z rH@ ]rؾ Ѵ.

, ƹ htdocs\index.htmlƶb Hϓ ٔR ״ (index.html.defaultO ȝ[n ʾb). , Z Hġ ġǘn [ Hġ ؛ ġ ] . ġ[ ݋L ߸Z[O, ġ ؛ο ݋L Cؾ Ѵ.

Hġ ġ ʿ[ٔR conf [丮 b rH@ ]rؾ Ѵ. Hϻ@ Hġ ġ 丮 htdocs [丮 b ݋ ݋z[nU rǘ. Hġ ȝ~[ rؾ ӛ . ׵\ غ ] nU ⺻ rHϷΙn Ѵ.


Windows~ Hġ r[

Hġb conf [丮 b HϷ rѴ. Hϻ@ Ϟ[z~ , Windows~ Hġ ƯϞ C  . ȝ~ C R C U@ O[.

Windows~ Hġ ֵ m@:


Hġ Service [

Windows NT݋b Hġ service ] . Windows 9xb ſ Ҏ^ڷ @ Ѵ.

ġC ڵڷ Hġ service ġ ] . " ȝ~" ø[R, Hġ service 齁. " ȝ~ڸ"@ ø[n ġ Hġ service U ] . service ġ[R Administrators ׿p 伺ƽ Ѵ.

Hġb Apache Service Monitorb n䰡 . n並 ȝ~[R h̝ b ٸ ǻͿ ġ Hġ ™n Ȯθ[O ] . monitor Hġ service [R v service (ġC ڵڷ Ȥ@ ) ġؾ Ѵ.

bin [丮݋ w h ٞ ¸[R Hġ Windows NT service ġѴ:

apache -k install

ġ service Ɠ@ r[O ʹٔR ٞ w ȝ~Ѵ. ǻͿ Hġ \ ġǘٔR Ɠ@ ٸ ֽ Ѵ.

apache -k install -n "MyServiceName"

service ȝ~ rH@ r[R ٞ Ѵ:

apache -k install -n "MyServiceName" -f "c:\files\my.conf"

-k install ܿ ٸ H͸ ȝ~[ ʙڔR, service Ɠ@ Apache2 ǽO rHϻ@ conf\apache2.conf ȴ.

Hġ service Ÿ[ . Z:

apache -k uninstall

ٞ Hġ service r ] :

apache -k uninstall -n "MyServiceName"

Hġ service C, C, vSb Apache Service Monitor NET START Apache2, NET STOP Apache2 @ w Ȥ@ Windows ݋z â݋ Ѵ. Ҏ^@ ȝ~[ Hġ service C۸[ rH@ ȝغ Ѵ:

apache -n "MyServiceName" -t

w ӛڷΙn Hġ service r ] . ġ Hġ serivce C۸[R:

apache -k start

w ӛڷ Hġ service vS[R:

apache -k stop


apache -k shutdown

service C۸[ rH@ ٳC ЙnU ] :

apache -k restart

⺻ڷ Hġ serviceb Cz ȝ~ (LocalSystem r) љڷ [nU Uȴ. Windows Ȃ䟒 LocalSystem r@ HϳCz, named pipes, DCOM, secure RPC Ҏ^@ ȝ~[ h̝ ] ^. ׵\ ش ǻͿ݋b @ @ .

LocalSystem r h̝ @ ! Hġ h̝ ڿ ؾ ѴٔR, E݋ [b Ҏ^ڷ Hġ n r@ 齁.

Hġ service [ n r@ ]n . Ư Hġ h̝ ڿ ؾ ѴٔR Ҏ^@ Kž Ѵ.

  1. ^ n ȝ~ r@ O x [.
  2. ؛ r ݋z α׿  ü Ϻη @ οѴ. Windows NT 4.0݋b User Manager for Domains݋ @ ο ] O, Windows 2000 XP݋b Ƹn "׿p rå"@ ȝ~ؾ Ѵ. " r" MMC zο݋ rR ]n .
  3. ؛ r Users ׿p Ӹ[b ȮѴ.
  4. ݋ zrxh ( 齁 htdocs cgi-bin) б (RX) @ οѴ.
  5. logs 丮 ]r (RWXD) @ οѴ.
  6. Apache.exe HϿ б (RX) @ οѴ.
Hġ service [b ȝ~ڿ ]r (RWXD) ѓ ʿ logs [丮 ܸ[O Apache2 丮 ü б (RX) @ ο[b ͓ .

r " α׿" "݋z α׿" ѓ ٔR, rڷ α׿¸[ r zrxh [O Йڸ Zâ݋ Hġ C ] b ȝغ ] . ݋ ^ٔR Hġ service ؙn ^.

Error code 2186@ Hġ ʿ h̝ ڿ ] ^پb service "α׿" r@ Ȯθ[. , Hġ [b r @ .

Hġ service [R Windows Service Control Manager݋ @ ] . 齁, ǿ݋ "݋z" ȝ~[ Hġ C۸[b ٞ @ 얂䰡 ] :

Could not start the Apache2 service on \\COMPUTER
Error 1067; The process terminated unexpectedly.

Hġ service CV ڔR ^ Ʒ ´. ˷R Hġ Z α׷ڷ غ.

Windows 9x݋ Hġb Windows NT service Ҏ^@ Ѵ. ׵\ ſ ɓƴ. ݋z ȝ~Ҹŭ Ȟr ʽO ՙڷ ]n ^. [Ƿ ȤC ȝ~ѴٔR ݋ ȝ~ؾ Ѵ!

ΰ service ߿ m@ ٞ :

Hġ Z α׷ڷ ۸`@ Ȯθ[ٔR Windows NT݋ @ w service ġ, , ] . , Apache Service Monitor ȝ~[ Windows 9x service ] .


Hġ Z α׷ڷ [

^ڷ Hġ service [ Ѵ. ׵\ w࿡݋ [b 찡 (Windows 9x݋b service Ȟrڷ [ ʱV얿 w࿡݋ Hġ [b Ҏ^@ Ѵ).

Hġ Z α׷ڷ [R, w࿡݋ ٞ w ȝ~Ѵ:


Hġb Control-C \݋ r VM ȴ.

, C ޴ --> α׷ --> Apache HTTP Server 2.0.xx --> Control Apache Server ġ Start Apache in Console ٷΰ Hġ ] . ٷΰ⸦ [R Zâ@ PO ȿ݋ Hġ Ѵ. Hġ service ġ[ ʾҴٔR, Hġ [b Zâ݋ Control-C \ Hġ ߸ZVM â . ݋Lb ʾȿ vSѴ. ׵\, Hġ service ġ[ٔR ٷΰb service CѴ. Hġ service ƹ ߓƶR ٷΰb ƹϙn [ ʾb.

ٸ Zâ@ PO ٞ ¸[ Hġ vS ] :

apache -k shutdown

Ҏ^@ Hġ E@ ġO vS ] V얿 Control-C .

, Hġ C ] . rH@ ٳC оb. E@ ߰ ׋ʽO SѴ. Hġ C۸[R:

apache -k restart

Ϟ[z~ Hġ ڙ ȝ@ : wb kill -TERM pid kill -USR1 pid WindowsǓƴ. w ӛ -kb Ϟ[z kill w Ɠ@ .

Hġ Zâ C Ȥ@ C ڱ ġR C ޴ --> α׷ w h Ѵ. Hġ ġ ݋ apache w غO Te @ 캻. ׸O logs ݋, rHϓ ߽oǾb error.log H@ 캻. Hġ ġV ⺻@@ ȝ~ߴٔR ٞ :

cd "\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\bin"

Hġ r VM ٸų Control-C . ׸O ٞ Ѵ:

cd ..\logs
more < error.log

Hġ ٷV Hġ rH@ ãb ƾb ͓ ߿[. ΰ Ҏ^ڷ w࿡݋ rH@ r ] :

rHϓ ServerRoot rؾ Ѵ.

-f -nڷ rH@ r[ ʙڔR, Hġb conf\apache2.conf ݋L Hϵ Hϸ@ ȝ~Ѵ. ⺻ ξb ġ 丮 ƴ. ٞ -V ӛڷ Hġ [R SERVER_CONFIG_FILEƶ H݋ ݋L ȝ~ rH@ ] :

apache -V

Hġb ٞ b݋ ServerRoot ãb:

  1. -C w ӛ ȝ~ ServerRoot C.
  2. -d w ӛ.
  3. E 丮.
  4. ٓƳʸ ġ ߴٔR ġV registry H.
  5. ݋L Hϵ server root. ⺻@@ /apacheƽO, apache -V [R HTTPD_ROOTb H݋ Ȯ ] .

ġV Un zh L ƯϞ zh Ű 늴. Ű ġb ġ v ٸ. install Apache for all users ø[ٔR HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE E ٞ @ Ű 늴 ( Lxb Hġ L ٸ):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Group\Apache\2.0.43

" ȝ~" ڷ Hġ ġ[ٔR HKEY_CURRENT_USER E Ű e׃. ~@ α׿ ȝ~ڿ ٸ:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Apache Group\Apache\2.0.43

Ű Ɠ ݋L HϵDZV얿 L@ ǵ帮ʽO ؛ο L@ ġ[ zhغ ] . ؛ L@ ٸ L @ 丮 ġ[ʙnU ؾ Ѵ.

ٓƳʸ ġ [ ʻ@ Hġb zh Ű ^ٽO u ] . ݋L ٸ Ҏ^ڷ rH@ ã@ ] ٔR O Cؙn ȴ.

Ű @@ ServerRoot 丮Ƹ, 丮 confb [丮 . Hġ C۸[R [丮݋ apache2.conf H@ оb. HϿ b ServerRoot C zh Ű 丮 ٸٔR, Hġb zh݋ @ @@ C[O ՙڷ rHϿ 丮 ȝ~Ѵ. Hġ 丮 rH@ ٸ ҷ ȝ[R ^C apache2.conf HϿ b ServerRoot C ġ ]r[.


rڷ ġǾb ȝ[

(ZâƳ service ) Hġ C۸[R (rH Listen C ]r[ų Hġ " ȝ~ڸ" ڷ ġ[ ʾb ) 80 h ٸ. v C۸[O URL@ ¸[ ݋L ⺻ ٸ[:


Hġb Hġ ݋ r b ȯ Ѵ. ƹ ϙn Ͻ ʰų R, logs [丮 b error.log H@ . xzh h̝ ǘ ʰų DNS (Domain Name Service) r ٔR ٞ URL@ ȝ~ؾ Ѵ:

⺻ ġ ۸[R conf [丮 b H@ rѴ. , Windows NT Hġ service r@ ]r v w࿡݋ Hġ C۸[ Te[ʾb Ȯؾ Ѵ.

Hġ ٸ TCP/IP α׷ @ h Ϟ ] ^V얿 Hġ C۸[ ٸ ݋z ߸Z, , 缳rؾ n 𸥴. ٸ ݋L Ưr Ҏȭ ݋Lz 浹 ] .

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