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Novell NetWare݋ Hġ ȝ~[

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

݋b Novell NetWare 6.0 ƻ݋ Hġ 2.0@ ġ, r, [b Ҏ^@ Ѵ. L׸ ãҰų ٸ Ҏ^ڷ OʹٔR, L O ƃ~[ ٶ.

L O dev-httpd ϸzhb Hġ r ࿡ @ [ ʾb. L׸ O[ v ݋ b (FAQ) , ٸ L݋ . En ñ Ƴ ٔR, NetWare݋ Hġ ȝ~ ƽO ؛ο @ R @ Hġ ȝ~ڰ b novell.devsup.webserver z׿p @ ø ٶ.

݋b ٓƳʸ ڷ Hġ ġߴٽO rѴ. (Ƹn T n@ ְų L׸ ã) Hġ Hϸ[R E NetWare݋ Hġ Hϸ[ @ O[.

Support Apache!



Hġ 2.0@ NetWare 6.0 service pack 3 ƻ݋ ۸[nU Ǿ. SP3 @ service pack@ ȝ~ѴٔR _ NetWare Libraries for C (LibC) ġؾ Ѵ.

NetWare service pack@ .

_ service packƳ _ L NetWare Libraries for C (LibC) ġߴٔR NetWare 5.1 ȯ濡݋n NetWare~ Hġ 2.0@ ] . O: NetWare~ Hġ 2.0@ ȯ@ O[ ʾҽO zh[ ʾҴ.


NetWare~ Hġ ٿޱ

Hġ _ L rb http://www.apache.org/݋ (Hġ ݋L) ã@ ] . ⿡b L H/tzh L, ̵\ ȝh ftp ȝh r . NetWare~ Hġ 2.0 _ ٓƳʸ @ ݋ ٿ@ ] .


NetWare~ Hġ ġ[

NetWare~ Hġ ġα׷@ ^. NetWare~ Hġ 2.0 z HѴٔR H@ ݋L ȝ Ѵ.

ٓƳʸ ٿ޻@ NetWare~ Hġ ġ[b r@ ٞ (sys:/apache2 ġѴٽO rѴ):

z H NetWare Hġ ġ[b Ҏ^@ ٞ (sys:/apache2 ġѴٽO rѴ):

SYS Ƈ ٸ n Hġ ġ ] .

makefile w "install" Űr带 ȝ~[R HϳC ڵڷ DIST [丮 @ 늴. makefile @ NetWare 丮 ȝ[R Hġ ġȴ (E NetWare~ Hġ Hϸ[ O).


NetWare~ Hġ [

Hġ C۸[R Z݋ apache ¸[R ȴ. ׵\R ü ּҿ_ Hġ нδ. xּҿ_ Hġ нƷR ٞ load w ּҿ_@ rѴ:

load address space = apache2 apache2

׵\R Hġ apache2b ּҿ_ нδ. NetWareb \ Hġ ٸ xּҿ_ н鿩݋ \ Hġ C ] .

Hġ C۸[R (rHϿ݋ Listen C ]r[ ʾb) h 80@ ٸ. v C۸[ ݋L Ȥ@ ݋L ּҸ ¸[R ݋L Ӹ[ ⺻ Ѵ. Hġ ݋ r b ȯ ; Ѵ. ƹ ϙn ^ų Te[R logs 丮 b error_log H@ .

⺻ ġ ۸[R conf 丮 b H@ rѴ.

ü ּҿ_݋ Hġ R Z ٞ Ѵ:

unload apache2


apache2 shutdown

xּҿ_݋ Hġ ߴٔR unload w ּҿ_@ rѴ:

unload address space = apache2 apache2

Hġ rH ġ ãb Ҏ^@ ˾Ƶν Ѵ. w࿡݋ rH@ r[b Ҏ^@ ΰ:

apache2 -f "vol:/my server/conf/my.conf"

apache -f test/test.conf

rHϻ@ ùٸ ServerRoot rؾ Ѵ.

-f rHϸ@ r[ ʙڔR, Hġb ݋L Hϵ Hϸ@ ( conf/apache2.conf) ȝ~Ѵ. -V ӛڷ Hġ C۸[R SERVER_CONFIG_FILEƶb H@ ش. Hġb ٞ b݋ ServerRoot ãb:

݋L Hϵ server rootb sys:/apache2ƴ. -V ӛڷ Hġ C۸[R HTTPD_ROOTb H@ ش.

NetWare~ Hġ 2.0b ݋L דưų r ˷־b w C . Ƶ Cb Hġ ߿ ȝ~ ] . C տb APACHE2 Űr带 ٿ Ѵ.

o尡 {b V Hġ דƽO, rH@ ٳC л@ ؛ο r worker o@ CѴ.
Hġ L r Ѵ.
⺻ ܺ U@ Ѵ.
C U@ Ѵ.
Z o FC ưų ^ش. ¸ ƔR, Hġ Zâ ۸[b o ° ´.
Hġ ݋L δ.
ӛ@ Ѵ.

⺻ڷ C@ ü ּҿ_݋ Hġ ڷ Ѵ. Hġ xּҿ_݋ ߓƶR, -p ּҿ_ Ɠ@ ߰Ѵ. @ r R w࿡ "apache2 Help" Ѵ.


NetWare~ Hġ r[

Hġb conf 丮 b rHϷ rѴ. Hϻ@ Ϟ[z~ , NetWare~ Hġb ٸ C . ȝ~ C ݋b Hġ ݋ O[.

NetWare~ Hġ ֵ m@:

ƿ NetWare ~ C:


Netware~ Hġ Hϸ[

Hġ Hϸ[R MetroWerks CodeWarrior 6.x ƻ ʿ[. Hġ Hϸ[R Netware n ġ ] . ⺻@@ sys:/Apache2 丮.

݋L [ conf 丮 ۼؾ Ѵ. conf 丮 b HTTPD-STD.CONF Hϸ@ HTTPD.CONF Ѵ. HTTPD.CONF HϿ݋ @@[email protected]@ FC ã݋ rڷ üѴ. conf/magic conf/mime.types Hϙn ȝѴ. ”R makefile@ V install Űr带 ȝ~[R @ 늴.


NetWare~ Hġ 2.0@ Hϸ[R ٞ Tn䰡 ʿ[:

NetWare makefile@ ȝ~[ Hġ Hϸ[:

߰ make ӛ

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