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Hġ C

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

Hġb Windows NT, 2000, XP݋b ݋z, Windows 95 ME݋b Z α׷ڷ ȴ. ڼ ~@ ݋z Hġ [ Z α׷ڷ Hġ [.

Ϟ[z݋ httpd α׷@ w׶忡݋ ]@ Q[b wڷ ȴ. ݋b httpd C۸[b Ҏ^@ Ѵ.

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Hġ C۸[

rHϿ݋ Listen ⺻@ 80(Ȥ@ 1024Ƹ[ ٸ h)ƶR Ư h [ root ѓ ʿ[. ݋Lb C۸[ αH@ b E@ ģ, Ŭƾh ]@ ٸO [[b ڃe(child) μz \ . httpd μzb root ȝ~ڷ , ڃe μz@ ѓ ۻ@ ȝ~ڷ ȴ. ƾb Q rѴ.

apache2ctl zrxh ȝ~[ httpd H@ C۸[ Ѵ. zrxhb httpd ü݋ rڷ ۸[ ʿ ȯ溯]@ r[O httpd H@ CѴ. apache2ctl@ w ƱԄh ״ ѱV얿, httpd ӛƶn apache2ctl ȝ~ɸ[. , apache2ctl zrxh պκп b HTTPD ] httpd Hϓ b ġ H ȝ~ w ƱԄh ]r ] .

httpd [R v rH apache2.conf ã݋ оb. H ġb H ߿ r[, C ٞ -f w ӛڷ r ]n .

/usr/local/apache2/bin/apache2ctl -f /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

C۸[b r݋ ^ٔR, ݋Lb ͹̳ο݋ O w h C Եȴ. ƾb ݋L @ ǹѴ. v ݋L [ DocumentRoot 丮 b zh r (ī) ݋ ] .



Hġ C۸[b r߿ U Te[R, vS[ ˸b 얂並 ZƳ ErrorLog . [b "Unable to bind to Port ..."ƴ. ޼b ٞ 쿡 TeѴ:

t ذ Ҏ^@ Hġ FAQ O[.


ΝV C۸[

Czۓ C n ݋L DZ ٶٔR, Cz CH( rc.localƳ rc.N 丮 b H) apache2ctl@ ߰ؾ Ѵ. Hġb root C۵ȴ. ݋L ȓƳ (Hϱ) ùٷ rǾb Ȯθ[.

apache2ctl@ F SysV init zrxh 񔇸[ ۸[nU 齁Ę. zrxhb ƱԄh start, restart, stop@ ޙڔR C׳@ httpd . E݋ @ apache2ctl@ init 丮 r ɔRȴ. ׵\ ȝ~[b Cz rȮ ȝH@ Ȯθ[.


߰ r

httpd apache2ctl, t ݋L ` α׷ w ӛ@ ݋L α׷ O[. Hġ b ׵ [b C ݋ .

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