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Hϰ ġ

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

݋b Ϟ[z Ϟ[z Czۿ݋ Hġ Hϸ[O ġ[b ͸@ ٷ. Un݋ Hϸ[O ġ[b Ҏ^@ rμh Un݋ Hġ ȝ~@ O[. ٸ E ݋b E ݋ O[.

Hġ 2.0 伺 ġ ȯ@ 1.3 ſ ٸ. Hġ 1.3@ { ġ ü zrxh ȝ~ߴ. Hġ 2.0@ ٸ \ @z h ȯ@ libtool autoconf ȝ~Ѵ.

ۻ@ L@ ѸZ EƵѴٔR ( 齁, 2.0.50݋ 2.0.51), EƵ ڷ ٷ ٶ.

Support Apache!




ٿε $ lynx http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi
оd X $ gzip -d httpd-2_1_NN.tar.gz
$ tar xvf httpd-2_1_NN.tar
$ ./configure --prefix=PREFIX
H $ make
ġ $ make install
r $ vi PREFIX/conf/apache2.conf
ȝ $ PREFIX/bin/apache2ctl start

NN@ ۻ@ L ڷ, PREFIXb ݋L ġ HϳCz η üؾ Ѵ. PREFIX r[ ʙڔR ⺻@ڷ /usr/local/apache2 ȝ~Ѵ.

Eb Hġ ݋L Hϸ[O ġ[ ȝH Hϰ ġ r@ ڼ Ѵ.



Hġ Hϸ[ ٞ @ ͵ ʿ[:

zr Ϟ 50 MB ƻ Ȯθ[. ġ Hġb 10 MB zr @ mѴ. ʿ zr @ 伺 ӛ ߰ ⿡ 瞢 mư .
ANSI-C Hϵ\ ġǘb Ȯθ[. Free Software Foundation (FSF) GNU C compiler (GCC) õѴ. (L 2.7.2R ȴ.) GCC ^ٔR ȝ~[b Hϵ\ ANSI xȯ Ȯθ[. ߰ PATH ȯ溯]b make @ ⺻ H n並 `ؾ Ѵ.
rȮ C
HTTP ݿb [L C@ F[b κГ . E݋ Cz C ȭ @ 캼 Cƴ. Ƹ Network Time Protocol (NTP) ^ ntpdate xntpd ȝ~Ѵ. NTP h C ݋L rb z׿p comp.protocols.time.ntp NTP O[.
Perl 5 [ȝH]
(Perl o) apxs dbmmanage @ zrxh Perl 5 Ͱ ʿ[. (L 5.003 ƻƔR ȴ.) `configure' zrxh ͸ ã oؙn ^ Hġ 2.0@ Hϸ[O ġ ] . ٸ zrxh ȝ~[ o ]ƴ. \ Perl Ͱ ġǘٔR (Ƹn V ` Perl 4 H Perl 5) ./configure ùٸ @ ã --with-perl ӛ@ (E O) ȝ~[ ٶ.


Hġb \ ̵\ U b Hġ ݋L ٿε ȝh݋ ٿε ] . Ϟ[z Cz@ ȝ~ѴٔR zȵ带 ٿ޾݋ Hϸ[b . (E݋ ) H ] O, _ ~n ˸° ݋L ] . , _ L ٓƳʸ ^b n . ٓƳʸ ٿ޾bٔR b INSTALL.bindist H C .

ٿε ٿ޻@ Hϓ [O ʻ@ Hġ ݋L@ Ȯθ[b ͓ ߿[. PGP ݋@ O ٿε t(tarball)@ ȝ[ ȮѴ. ڼ Ҏ^@ ٿε O, PGP ȝ~^@ [b n .


оd X

Hġ ݋L t݋ z Ǫb E@ Zb оd tar Ǫb ͓ƴ:

$ gzip -d httpd-2_1_NN.tar.gz
$ tar xvf httpd-2_1_NN.tar

׵\R 丮 E zȵ带 @ ؛ο 丮 e׃. ݋L Hϸ[ 丮 cdؾ Ѵ.


z h 伺[

ٞ r@ Ưr E ʿ信 Hġ z h 伺[b ϓƴ. Ƹ 丮 b configure zrxh ȝ~Ѵ. (Hġ z h CVS L@ ٿε Tھb ƹ autoconf libtool ġǘO, ٞ rڷ ѽ buildconf ؾ Ѵ. ƾb re L݋b ʿ^.)

⺻ ӛ@ ȝ~[ z h 伺[R Z ./configure ¸[Rȴ. ⺻ ӛ@ ]r[R ./configure \ ] w ӛ@ ȝ~Ѵ.

߿ ӛ@ Hġ rڷ ۵[ Hġ 伺[O ġ --prefix. ٸ configure ӛ@ ȝ~[ H ġ ڼ r ]n .

@ `[ų W݋ Hġ ` @ Ѵ. Base @ ⺻ڷ Hġ `ȴ. ٸ @ --enable-module ӛ@ ȝ~[ `Ѵ. ݋ module@ Ɠῡ݋ mod_ WO PR@ Wx . --enable-module=shared ӛ@ ȝ~[R @ ߿ `[ų ] b Ϟü(shared object, DSO) HѴ. , --disable-module ӛ@ ȝ~[ Base @ ] . r ^n configure O[ʽO ׳ C[V얿 Ɠ@ rȮ ¸[.

U configure zrxh Hϵ\, ƺ\, cH ġ ˷ 찡 . rb ȯ溯] configure w ӛ@ ȝ~[ Ѵ. ڼ ~@ configure manpage O[.

\Г ] b ɼ@ ֱ ٞ@ Ưr Hϵ\ E׸ ȝ~[O ߿ DSO н mod_rewrite mod_speling@ ߰[ /sw/pkg/apache ġ Hġ Hϸ[b ƴ:

$ CC="pgcc" CFLAGS="-O2" \
./configure --prefix=/sw/pkg/apache \
--enable-rewrite=shared \

configure [R а Cz @ ȝ[ ߿ ݋L HV ȝ~ Makefile@ 늴.

configure ӛ鿡 ڼ @ configure manpage .



ٞ w [ Hġ \ κ@ H ] :

$ make

݋ ٷ. ƼQ III/z 2.2 Czۿ݋ ⺻ 伺@ Hϸ[b 3 rn ɸ. C@ [ ` ] r Ѵ.



ٞ w Ű ( --prefix ӛ O) r ġ ġ PREFIX ġѴ:

$ make install

EƵѴٔR ġ r Z rHϓƳ ݋ o ʾb.



ٞڷ PREFIX/conf/ b rH@ \[ Hġ ݋L rѴ.

$ vi PREFIX/conf/apache2.conf

ȝ~ r C ݋ ǻ@ docs/manual/Ƴ http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/ b Hġ ݋ O[.



ٞ Hġ ݋L C ] :

$ PREFIX/bin/apache2ctl start

׸O URL http://localhost/ ù ݋ ]Ѵ. Ե b Ƹn PREFIX/htdocs/ DocumentRoot E . ׸O ٞ w ٳC ݋L ߸ZѴ:

$ PREFIX/bin/apache2ctl stop



EƵѴٔR v ȝh @ R ] b ȭ b ˾ƺ TF얰 z CHANGES H@ оb. ( 齁, 1.3݋ 2.0Ƴ 2.0݋ 2.2 @) ū L H ӛ r@ ]rؾ rn ū ȭ @ ͓ƴ. n API ȭ ˸° EƵؾ Ѵ.

ۻ@ L@ ѸZ EƵ[b ͻ@ ( 齁, 2.0.55݋ 2.0.57) . make install E@ Z ݋, αH, rH@ ]r[ ʾb. , Tھb ۻ@ L configure ӛ, r, API xȯ^b ȭ b. κ configure w, rH@ ȝ~ ] O, n ͓ƴ. ( @ 2.0.41 L شѴ. L鿡b xȯ^b ȭ .)

ġߎ z O ٔR, EƵ尡 {r. z b config.nice HϿb z 伺 V ȝ~ߎ configure w ӛ ״ . E݋ ٞ Lڷ EƵѴٔR ؛ο L z config.nice H@ ȝ[O, ѴٔR ]r@ , ٞ Ѵ:

$ ./config.nice
$ make
$ make install
$ PREFIX/bin/apache2ctl stop
$ PREFIX/bin/apache2ctl start

؛ο L@ ȝ~[ H ȝغ Ѵ. 齁, EƵ带 ġ xȯ b ˾ƺ ٸ --prefix (Listen C) ٸ h ȝ~[ ؛ο L@ ġ L غ ] .

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