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Hġ݋ ڵ\ ȝ~

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

݋b Hġ݋ ڵ\ ȝ~[b Ҏ^@ Ѵ.

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ڵ\ ΰ

H@ ]V Hġ ڷ ] E@ "ڵ\(handler)"O Ѵ. ^ڷ Hϻ@ H v όm ڵ\ O . Hϻ@ Z ݋L ݋z[, H vb "Qȴ(handled)".

Apache 1.1 ڵ\ Cڷ ȝ~ ] Ǿ. H v ^ ڵ\ H Ȯڳ ġ r ] . ƾb Ǹ Ҏ^ƽO H@ v ڵ\ ο ] V얿 . (\ Ȯڸ Hn O)

ڵ\b ݋L [, Action C ߰ ] . F b ⺻ ڵ\b ٞ :


CGI zrxh ȝ~[ r ~ ]r[

ٞ Cb Ȯڰ html H@ ] footer.pl CGI zrxh .

Action add-footer /cgi-bin/footer.pl
AddHandler add-footer .html

CGI zrxhb (PATH_TRANSLATED ȯ溯] Ī[b) E ] ݋ ]r .

HTTP c `[b H

ٞ Cb HTTP c `[b HϿ send-as-is ڵ\ CѴ. /web/htdocs/asis/ 丮 ȿ b Hϻ@ Ȯڿ ^ send-as-is ڵ\ QѴ.

<Directory /web/htdocs/asis>
SetHandler send-as-is


αEM r

ڵ\ @ [ ȝ~` Apache API ߰Ǿ. Ư request_rec 䟒ü ؛ο ʵ尡 ߰Ǿ:

char *handler

ڵ\ ȝ~[R, ] invoke_handler Z r->handler ڵ\ Ɠ@ rֱ⸸ [R ȴ. ڵ\b content type _ ڵ\ Ɠ@ ȝ~ @ ܸ[Ob Ǿ. ų ʿb ^ ڵ\ Ɠῡ E{ ȝ~[ ʽO, Z ȝƿ W x ȝ~[b ͓ ^ƴ. E݋ ڵ\ Ɠ media type ġ ʾb.

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