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ּҿ h r (Binding)

݋b _ _ Ɯ”. ٿ ~@ ݋ O[.

Hġ Ưr ּҿ h݋ ݋z[nU r[.

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Hġ C۸[R Hġb ǻ h ּҿ [, 齁b ]@ ٸ. ⺻ڷ Hġb ǻ ּҿ݋ ٸ. ׵\ Hġ Ưr h ּҸ@ ٸ ؾ 찡 . b Hġ ٸ IP ּ, xzh, h ^[ r[b xzh ɰn Lǘ.

Listen Cb ݋L Ưr h ּҿ h J݋ ]@ ް Ѵ. Listen C h x r[R, ݋Lb z݋ r h ٸ. \ Listen C ٸ \ ּҿ h r ]n . ݋Lb P ּҿ h ] 齁R [Ѵ.

齁, ݋L 80偰 8000 h ο݋ @ ޙnU [R:

Listen 80
Listen 8000

݋L r z h݋ @ ٸnU [R,


IPv6 ּҾb ٞ x Ѵ:

Listen [2001:db8::a00:20ff:fea7:ccea]:80


IPv6݋ Ư O

IPv6 E ýO O APR Ƶ E κп݋ IPv6 [V얿, Hġb IPv6 @ Ҵ[ IPv6 ޻@ ]@ Q ] .

Hġ ڿ κл@ IPv6 ϓ IPv4 IPv6 @ Q ] rb ƴ. κ E݋b IPv4-[(mapped) IPv6 ּҸ ȝ~[ IPv6 Ͽ݋ IPv4 @ , FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD@ Czü råV얿 ⺻ڷ A~[ ʾb. ׵\ ⺻ڷ A~[ʾb Czۓƶn Hġ Ư r Hͷ ] .

^R z Tru64 @ Ϻ E݋ IPv4 IPv6@ Q[R [ ּҸ ȝ~ؾ߸ Ѵ. Hġ @ ȝ~[ IPv4 IPv6 @ ޙnU[R, IPv4-[ IPv6 ּҸ ȝ~[O configure ӛ --enable-v4-mapped rѴ.

--enable-v4-mappedb FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD E݋ ⺻@ƽO, Ƹn _ Hġn U ͓ƴ.

E APR ο ^ Hġ IPv4 Ḹ@ ޙnU[R, ٞ Listen C IPv4 ּҸ ȝ~Ѵ:


E݋ [ Hġ ݋ ٸ ϙڷ IPv4 IPv6 @ ޙnU[R ( IPv4-[ ּҸ ȝ~[ ʙڷR), configure ӛ --disable-v4-mapped rѴ. --disable-v4-mappedb FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD݋ ⺻@ƴ.


xzh dz

Listen@ xzh ʾb. ƾb Z ݋L ּҿ h ٸ ˷ش. <VirtualHost> C ȝ~[ ʙڔR, ݋Lb ޻@ ]@ Ȱ QѴ. ׵\ <VirtualHost> \ ּҿ h ٸ ൿ@ r ] . xzh R v ݋L ȝ~ ּҿ h ˷ Ѵ. ׸O Ưr ּҿ h xzh ൿ@ r <VirtualHost> ӛ ʿ[. ݋L ٸʾb ּҿ h ȝ~[b <VirtualHost>b ] ^@ Ǹ[.

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